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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Heather from Chaos Glassworks

We are excited to host Heather from Chaos Glassworks for a class!  She will be here at Graceful Customs Studio in Gilroy, CA, on Saturday and Sunday, August 26 & 27, 2017, to teach separate projects on each of the two days.  Heather is very busy participating in art and gem shows throughout the bay area, and would now like to share some of her techniques and art forms.  Her husband, Dave, is an accomplished Artist Glassmaker who makes larger sculptured items such as lights, vases, paper weights, bowls. Their beautiful art can be seen on their website at  Their art gallery and workshop is in Sutter Creek, California.

Heather Hopman works in a variety of mediums including lampworked soft glass beads, ceramics, gourds, metalworking, blown glass and watercolors. She was born and raised in Amador County.
She has studied under Loren Stump, Robert Mickelson and Vittorio Constantini.
Heather will be teaching soft glass sculptures, a cat and a horse on the first day, and a seal on the second day.  She will teach us how to manipulate shapes, colors, and animal details such as faces. 

 Cost is $175.00 for one class, and $300.00 for both classes.  e-mail to sign up and class supplies details.

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