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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Open House, "Meet the Artist" Rashan Jones

Come meet Rashan Jones, who will be teaching a 2 day Borosilicate skills for soft glass flame workers on Sat. Feb 20 and Sun. Feb. 21.  e-mail Grace@Gracefulcustoms for directions.

Rashan Jones to teach at Gracefulcustoms on Feb 20 & 21, 2016.

Rashan Jones will be here for a 2 day class, Sat & Sun, Feb 20 and 21.  He describes it as, "Crossover: Borosilicate skills for Soft glass flame workers. It is designed for soft glass workers looking to expand into a new COE. Boro is a very different, it moves slower, takes more heat, and the color palette works differently as well. This is crash course on how to take you existing skills and apply them to hard glass.-We’ll also spend some time learning some off mandrel boro techniques including blown hollow beads, inside out dot and line patterning, honeycombing and the use of lenses and horns to enhance your piece.
-Boro color is unique and so beautiful. We will cover WYSIWYG, striking, cadmiums, and metallic colors in depth. Each color family has a unique flame environment it prefers so we will also discuss flame chemistry and how to set neutral flames, when to reduce, and which colors prefer an oxidizing flame.
-And Boro also has few different tools, we will cover when to use them efficiently to achieve your desired results."  See his work at:
Fee for 2 day class is $475, all materials included, e-mail to enroll in this class, lunch also included.