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Monday, May 2, 2016

Making Murrini with CCGlass Art - Chistina Catherine

Christina Catherine of CCGlass Art will be here to teach a 2 day lampworking glass art class on July 23 and 24, 2016.  Christina has been making lampwork glass beads since 2008 and discovered her "passion" was making murrini.  She has 2 tutorials "Making Beautiful Murrini" and "Making Beautiful Encased Murrini Beads" and has had her tutorials  featured is e-magazines, Soda Lime Times  and ISGB publication. 
Description of class:
Day 1:
Making ocean-theme murrini, latticino, and other embeds for encasing
- complex concentric circle murrini
- watercolor murrini
- shell murrini
- encased stringers
- black coral strands
- seaweed latticino
Learn multiple techniques on Day 1 while making all the sea-themed elements that will go into the bead design we will construct and encase on day 2.
Day 2:
Putting it all together: Designing and assembling the pattern, applying all the elements, and successfully encasing multi-murrini beads
- learn my reliable, step-by-step method of placing murrini, and other embeds, that creates a color coordinated, harmonious, and visually full design every time
- finish the bead with encasing techniques that suspends the design while maintaining a dimensional look
Day 2 is all about mapping out the bead design, building and properly placing all the elements in the bead then encasing the murrini beneath a layer of clear glass while maintaining the dimensional look of all the embeds.  Christina's work can be seen on her website: and and Facebook
 Cost of class is $350, e-mail to sign up for this new class