Classes & Events

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lapidary Weekend Class -Slicing, shaping, sanding & polishing!

Well, another first for us! Our first Lapidary class was held here at Graceful Customs Studio with Instructors Jim & Jennifer! They were excited to share their experience and knowledge of lapidary this past weekend. Frank & Jim & Jennifer had been busy for months building and remodeling enough lapidary equipment to accommodate a class. We had 5 students and everyone had one finished cabachon, except for Bill, he finished 3! Thank you very much Jim & Jennifer for all your talents and knowledge that comes only from actual experience and the love of shaping and polishing the Earth's most natural material. It is gratifying to work with our hands and see beauty come from a natural resource, nothing artificial about this hobby! Of course, we jewelry makers all want to make everything wearable, but sometimes you open up a rock, like the geode above, and don't want to disturb the beauty inside! We are planning "Lapidary Workshops" on a regular basis next year, as well as making this introductory class available again! We will also have Silver-smithing, gem carving, wire-wrapping, and chain maille classes, in addition to our lampworking classes. E-mail me of your interests so we can add you to our wait lists!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silversmithing Class this weekend!

Here are some of the projects completed! Thanks to Carmen, she managed to teach a basic silver-soldering class in one day with finished projets, silver rings and pendants with natural stones. The participants practiced on copper circles, then moved on to silver, making the bezel and soldering it to the flat silver sheet. It helped that Frank precut the metals circles, but Carmen also demonstrated how to use the saw and other cutting tools, and most everyone had a chance to use the propane/oxygen torches!