Classes & Events

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chain Maille Open Studio Class On March 26, 2011

Ed Ferner has graciously offered to be here for another chain maille class on Saturday, March 26, 2011, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm! He would like to have participants choose their own designs to work on, and samples will be available from his collections. The cost of this class is only $10.00 for the day and cost of materials which you will choose, either silver or copper wire, that Ed will have available.

The range for materials would probably range between $7 (for using copper) to $40 (for using .925 sterling silver). We will have a maximum of 7 participants, so first come first served! Please plan on bringing your own lunch, we will break for lunch for one hour in case you need to go out.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NEW: Private Bead-Making Parties Here!

We have added a new activity here in our Studio! Last night was our first Party, with 8 people on the torches for the first time! If you would like to learn or show your friends lampworking glass bead making, you can schedule a small group to have a gathering, for instance, wedding shower, birthday, or other celebration here. Jelveh will give a short intro lesson on making glass beads and everyone can have the opportunity to make one or two beads on a torch. Supplies of glass & tools are provided. Bring munchies! We have available 2 hr. or 4 hr. sessions, check with Jelveh or myself for available days. This is a great way to try out glass bead making and if you like it, schedule a beginner's class on another day, of 5 hrs, with Jevleh! we can accommodate 8-9 people, a minimum commitment of 5 is required. Kitchen available to warm up food, frigerator is available also. In the summer, we may be able to barbeque outside!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New tool listings! Check them out at Etsy!

The Pinch-Me-Right Hole Maker is ready! Here is our latest tool, made for people like me who cannot make a straight hole in a bead. Somehow, the bead always moves. See our listing on Etsy: and thanks to Norma, our latest new student, for helping us with a great name, Jelveh and I were straining our heads for a new, catchy name and Norma just walked in and suggested it!
We also listed a pair of tubes, a lighter weight of stainless steel that Frank has purchased, and since we know you like to make more than one bead at a time, the listing is for 2!